Meet Our Therapy Dog

Creating a PAW-sitive dental experience

Meet Pearly! Pearly is a miniature Australian Labradoodle and is the official mascot and comfort companion for Fishers Pediatric Dentistry.

Comfort of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Here at FPD, we understand that getting your child to the dentist is not always easy, and there may be fears and anxieties associated with visiting the dentist. Offering the comfort of animal-assisted therapy is a special and unique component of the caring environment we’ve created for our patients and their families.

Research has shown that pet therapy provides both physical and emotional benefits during stressful situations, such as a trip to the dentist. Animal-assisted therapy has also been known to provide a sense of calming and support for children with autism, ADHD and other special healthcare needs. Being in the presence of a companion animal has the amazing ability to significantly reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a dose of comfort and unconditional love to help put patients at ease.

Pearly In the News:

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Benefits of Pet Therapy in a Dental Setting:

  • Reduces fear and anxiety
  • Helps put children at ease
  • Provides comfort and support
  • Creates positive social interactions
  • Creates a distraction during difficult procedures

How to Request a Visit with Pearly:

Pearly loves lending a paw to hold and can often get booked quickly.

If your child tends to get nervous for dental appointments or has an upcoming procedure where he / she could benefit from a little extra dose of unconditional love, please be sure to let our scheduling coordinators know at the time of scheduling the appointment.