Behavior Guidance

Our Caring & Compassionate Approach

We understand that there are fears and dislikes associated with dental experiences, and each child has their own comfort level within a dental setting. Our goal is to provide dental care under the most stress-free environment by adapting to their individual needs and utilizing behavior guidance techniques to help make each visit enjoyable and fun.

Providing Options

Whether it be something as little as picking out their chair or flavor of toothpaste, to sitting up or even staying in your lap, we will adapt to what makes your child feel most comfortable. Allowing your child to make simple decisions makes them feel in control and decreases their anxiety.


Some children feel more comfortable by watching others do the same procedure. Older children or siblings sometimes serve as a great model for younger patients to watch and realize how easy a procedure may be. We often find ourselves giving their favorite baby doll or super hero a check-up to let them be actively involved and understand the appointment process.


This technique is utilized by carefully explaining what the procedure entails on a level they can understand, showing the steps of the procedure by demonstrating examples, and then performing the procedure exactly as described.

Voice Control

Voice is a very powerful thing and every member of our team will use a calm and pleasant tone when speaking to children to help direct their attention and behavior in a positive way

Positive Reinforcement

Celebrating even the small successes can be a BIG deal! Either with a big smile, verbal praise or a big high five, we are firm believers in guiding children to appropriate behaviors with positive reinforcement.  

In the event that your child has extreme anxiety or heightened sensitivity, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss an alternative approach.  

Helpful Tips for our youngest new patients!

You can help make your child’s first visit to the dentist a terrific experience. Here are a few pointers to help prepare both you and your child for their first visit to our office.

  • Well rested children are less prone to anxiety so make sure they get a good night’s sleep
  • Try to schedule morning appointments when children are often most awake and attentive
  • Try to make the first dental visit a fun adventure for your child. Please do not let your child know of any anxiety that you may have about dental visits.

Helpful Tips