New Patients

Your First Visit

Welcome to Fishers Pediatric Dentistry… where our priority is caring for your child as if they were one of our very own! We are so excited to meet you and your little ones, and we promise to do our part in building a trusting relationship between our doctors, your kids, and you.   

New Patient Forms

Your child’s first experience at the dentist should be fun and stress free, and the last thing we want you to worry about is being bogged down with paperwork when you arrive. For your convenience, you can save some precious time by filling out our new patient forms before your first appointment.

New Patient Online Form

Parental Presence

We believe that each child has a different comfort level in the dental environment, and we encourage parents to accompany their child for standard procedures so that parental comfort is always near. Our goal is to deliver a positive experience based on trust and communication, and we believe that an actively involved parent is very important to lay down a positive foundation.  

Our Environment

You don’t have to travel far to get a little taste of paradise! Our beach-themed atmosphere is like wandering through a tropical resort.  We have designed our office with children of all ages in mind.

Younger children are typically seen in our open bay treatment area, where the chairs are stationary and designed as colorful boats. In the hygiene bay, children who may be uncertain of their first experience have an opportunity to observe children with more experience and a higher comfort level, making it a great area for first time visits.  It is also great for families with multiple children so they may be seen at the same time.

Catering to our young adults and those requiring a more private setting, we have individual suites that were designed with a surf shack appeal. These suites provide a more intimate setting with the ability to dim lights and control sounds, allowing us to cater to specific sensory needs. 

First Visit by First Birthday

First Visit by 1st birthday! The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourage parents to establish a dental home by the age of ONE. Visiting the dentist at an early age is just as important as well-baby visits with your pediatrician or family doctor. This dental ‘well-baby check’ not only gives you a place for comprehensive oral care and treatment of dental emergencies, but it also encourages the formation of a relationship between you, your child and our team.  

Your Child's First Experience

Your child’s first trip to the dentist is important, and our main goal is to lay down a positive foundation for future appointments. We will spend ample time getting your child accustomed to the sights and sounds of our office all while utilizing special techniques and interacting with them on a level they can understand. During this visit, we will thoroughly assess your child’s medical history along with current oral habits and home care, providing you with tips and advice on fun and effective brushing practices that are age appropriate. Your child will also have their teeth professionally cleaned by a licensed hygienist and thoroughly examined by one of our specially trained doctors. Dental x-rays are typically taken around the age of three, however they may be indicated at a younger age. During this first visit, it is our ultimate goal to provide knowledge on early childhood caries and develop a personalized plan to help you eliminate potentially harmful and unhealthy habits.  

How to Prepare Your Child

As a parent, we tend to get nervous about the experience too! The best way to prepare your child for their first visit is to have a positive attitude and not to show your own apprehensions around your child.

Children often get nervous or scared when experiencing something new. Introducing them at an early age can help alleviate their fears and establish a positive outlook while teaching them the importance of oral health. Our goal is to make every child’s experience as fun and as comfortable as possible. We help decrease these fears by taking the time to listen to their concerns, interacting on a level they can understand and getting creative with our out-of-the-box thinking using special techniques to gain their trust.

We encourage you to talk to your child about their upcoming visit and discuss the importance of keeping their teeth healthy. Showing videos and pictures of our office and team members can help familiarize and reduce fears or anxiety.

We have created several fun and interactive tools to help prepare your child for their first visit. Check out our Island Expedition to provide a step by step visual of their upcoming visit.  

New Patient Appointment Philosophy

  • New Patient appointments are available throughout the day and are scheduled depending on age of patient and availability
  • We encourage our younger patients to be seen during the morning hours as they are well-rested and tend to be more attentive and interactive
  • New Patient appointments typically last anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on your child's individual needs

It is our commitment to you that we will maintain the highest standard of clinical care and emotional care, providing you and your child a dental home full of compassion, creativity and charm.