Meet Our Team

Here at Fishers Pediatric Dentistry, we share a genuine love for children and absolutely love what we do!

Meet our Management Team

The Management Team (MT), originally developed in 2009, consists of Dr. Ana, Dr. Misti and 6 other team members, all with different skill sets and educational backgrounds. The MT was formed to provide a unique approach of management to ensure internal excellence amongst team members as well as enhancing the experience for our patients and parents.

Meet our Administrative Team

Excelling in superior customer service, our Patient Loyalty Crew strives to exceed your expectations in making your visit efficient and memorable.  Our crew members will ensure that your experience is pleasant and seamless from the moment you walk through our door.

Front Row (from left to right):
Angelica, Niki, Ashlyn, Erika, Patty, Karen & Dali

Back Row (from left to right):
Dani, Brooklynn, Meredith, Lauren, Amanda & Courtney

Admin Team

Clinical Team

Meet our Clinical Team

Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Lab Team, OR Team, Sedation Team, Sterilization Team
Whether a simple cleaning or for more extensive treatment, our Clinical Team provides a comforting touch to compliment every child’s needs. They understand that there are fears and dislikes associated with certain procedures, and they are committed to making your child’s experience as pleasant as possible. From creating a fun experience full of laughter and play, to providing the highest level of quality care and educating on a level that your child can understand, they are committed to go above and beyond at every encounter.  

Meet our Interpreting Team

To better serve and educate our growing international community, Fishers Pediatric Dentistry has an Interpreting Team who provides prompt, courteous and high quality dental care to our patients and parents in their native language.

Many of our team members are bilingual in Spanish and English, but Fishers Pediatric Dentistry also partners with the Language Training Center in Indianapolis to provide interpreters in any language necessary.

For our deaf and hard of hearing families, several team members have taken American Sign Language (ASL) classes through the Indiana School for the Deaf to better understand the culture and communicate in ASL.

Bilingual Team


Each month, our team members nominate a co-worker for Big Kahuna of the Month (aka Employee of the month) to recognize their outstanding commitment and performance here at FPD.