Forms & Policies

Office Forms

We understand that getting your child to the dentist isn’t always easy and the last thing we want you to worry about is the need to fill out paperwork when you arrive. Your experience as a parent is our priority too. Our goal is to make our online experience an extension of our care. We have made all of our forms available for you to fill out at your convenience.

New Patient Form

Your child's first experience at the dentist should be fun and stress free, and the last thing we want you to worry about is being bogged down with paperwork when you arrive. To help expedite your experience, please fill out the New Patient Forms online. 

Existing Patient Forms

We kindly request that a new Medical History Form be completed at EACH visit to ensure that we are up to date on your child’s information and medical history.

Records Release Form

Transitions are a normal part of life and there may come a time when you are in need of your child’s dental records. Regardless of the circumstance, we are here to help.

When picking up the records, you may be asked to present a valid photo I.D. upon request. We kindly ask to allow 7-10 business days for our Business Team to process your request. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at 317-598-9898 or email

Office Policies

Our policy…caring for your child as if they were one of our own!

Our Clinical Team and Patient Loyalty Crew work closely together to provide a positive environment for visits to our office! While we offer detailed office policies regarding appointment and financial information, we wanted to share our most important policies here. 

Appointment Philosophy

We understand busy schedules and will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Appointment Time

Appointment Time

We reserve a specific time for your child according to their dental needs and level of cooperation. Children tend to do better in the dental office when they are not tired. Therefore, we encourage morning appointments, especially for pre-school or nervous children. For many children, just a simple filling at the end of the day, when they are tired, can seem like a major ordeal. 

Appointment Availability

Appointment Availability

After school appointments are limited and in high demand. We understand school policies can often make it a challenge when scheduling appointments. Dental appointments are excused absences from school and we will gladly provide a school excuse for your child.

Appointment Changes

Appointment Changes

We understand that unexpected things can happen and will gladly change your appointment time if needed. We kindly ask that you notify our office 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Appointment Duration

Appointment Duration

We value your time as much as we hope you value ours and will make every effort to see your child at the time scheduled. We appreciate your promptness in arriving on time for your child’s dental visit. If you are more than 10 minutes late, it may be necessary to reschedule. We do ask that you please remember some children may require more patience and “TLC” than others, causing a slight delay. We ask for your patience and that you please keep in mind that your child may be the next little one needing our attention.

Parental Presence

We encourage you to accompany your child

We realize that each child has different needs and anxieties; therefore we encourage parents to accompany their child for standard procedures so that parental comfort is always near. Our goal is to deliver a positive experience based on trust and communication and we believe that an actively involved parent is very important to lay down a positive foundation.

Inclement Weather

In the event of bad weather, we will keep you informed of office closures

Our office is generally open during inclement weather. However, you may still want to call 317-598-9898 to confirm that our office is open on the day of your appointment. In the event that our office closes, we try our best to contact all patients via phone or email. Be sure to like us on social media for real-time updates.

Emergency After Hours

We have a plan for you when an emergency happens

You cannot plan when an emergency is going to happen, but Fishers Pediatric Dentistry has a plan to help you when one occurs. If your child is an existing patient and experiences a true dental emergency after hours, please contact our dental team member on call at 317-514-5157.

For guidance on how to handle common dental emergencies, click here.